Comparing the New Jeep Renegade to the New Ford Escape


At Willie Racine's Jeep, we know our customers have a lot of questions before they commit to a new vehicle. If you're concerned whether or not one of our stylish and fun Jeep model SUVs or crossovers is the best car for you, let us help.

Our team of Jeep experts can tell you everything there is to know about all of our terrific Jeep models, including how the Jeep Renegade compares to the competition.

If you're torn between our Willie Racine's Jeep Renegade, and the Ford Escape, we have a couple of key areas where we've discovered the Renegade is a superior SUV crossover.

Both the Jeep Renegade and the Ford Escape offer the ease of parking of a smaller car, but the high ground clearance and versatile cargo space of an SUV. But, that's pretty much where the similarities end.

Drivetrain and Utility

While both of these models may be considered "SUV" crossovers, only the Jeep model offers the true utility SUVs were created for, because only the Jeep model can take you off the beaten path, and into some trail adventures.

All Jeep Renegade models come with four-wheel drive available as an option, and one, the Trailhawk, has four-wheel drive standard. The Trailhawk also comes with a number of off-road-tuned tweaks and features, to make taking it on the trails fun and easy.

The Ford Escape is more car, and less SUV, and it doesn’t have a trail-rated, off-road themed trim, anywhere in its lineup.

In addition to having a trail-rated trim, the Renegade also has that available four-wheel drive we mentioned, something which the Ford Escape is missing. Sure, it has all-wheel drive available, but, not at the entry level. Drivers have to spend more money on an upper trim to get all-wheel drive on a Ford Escape.

At our South Burlington dealership, we have a number of Jeep Renegade options that you can test drive. Stop by soon and see for yourself all the various ways the Jeep Renegade beats competing crossovers.

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